we provide a Professional Pest Control Service for all bugs below and many others

Pest Control Services In Palm Springs and surrounding cities

           In the Coachella Valley we have many different types of Pests. The most fearful is the black widow spider and the desert recluse. Black widows have the most potent venom in North America ounce for ounce. Even more potent then the Western Diamondback rattlesnake.
         When receiving a bite from a desert recluse lesions of the skin will occur which is caused from the venom of the bite. This occurs through the same mechanism that is responsibe for the effects of a brown recluse bite. Fire ants are the most dangerous ants we have in the Coachella Valley. When a fire ant nest is disturbed the entire colony will go on defense mode and attack anything on its territory. Many people and pets end up in the hospital every year after being attacked by a fire ant colony. Immediate Home Pest Control Is Crucial to prevent these ants from entering your home.
         Bed Bug Control in Palm Springs and the surrounding cities have been on the rise due to the tourism increasing in the past few years. We Provide A Professional Bed Bugs Extermination Service that is Very Effective and Will Save you Money. 
        Pest Management is critical in the Coachella Valley to prevent these pests from nesting in and around our properties. Many of the pests that are in the Coachella Valley are located below. We offer a Professional Pest Control Service for All General Pests.   


Black Widow- The name widow spiders comes from the behavior seen in some species where the female eats the male after mating. The female venom is at least 3 times more potent than the males venom.The black widow spider bite is very painful, and dangerous because of the neurotoxin latrotoxin, which causes latrodectism. The female black widow spider has large venom glands and its bite is very harmful to humans and animals.

Brown Widow-The brown widow spider is new to some people but has been around for a while. The key difference are the eggs seen in the picture. The eggs have spikes on them compared to black widow eggs being smooth. The brown widow spider can be a light brown color with black stripes on their legs with an orange hour glass, but also can be a dark brown almost black color resembling the black widow spider. Brown widow bites are just as dangerous to humans and animals as the black widow bite. Brown widows reproduce at a much faster rate then the black widows, which can lead to a very fast infest

Bed Bugs-Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed only on blood. Bed bugs are mainly active at night, but not exclusively nocturnal and are capable of biting and feeding on their hosts without being noticed. There is a number of health effects that may occur due to bed bug bites, including allergic symptoms, skin rashes, and psychological effects. Bed bugs can live for up to 1 year without feeding.​ Newman Pest Control offers a Professional Pest Control Service bed bugs extermination 

Cockroaches-There are about 30 species of cockroaches that are associated with human habitats. The most common species of them all are the four species to the left: The American Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, German Cockroach, and Brown-banded Cockroach. These pests prefer warm conditions found in and around buildings. Cockroaches leave behind chemical trails in their feces, as well as airborne pheromones for swarming and mating. These chemical trails can transmit bacteria onto surfaces. Cockroaches also can pick up disease causing bacteria like salmonella on their legs and later transfer them on foods and cause food poisoning.

Fire Ants-Fire ant colonys produce mounds in areas where an abundant source of water is available. Fire ants will attack small animals and sometimes will kill them. Fire ants will first bite their victim just to get a grip so they can then sting and inject a toxic venom called Solenopsin. Fire ant stings are very painful, a sensation which can be similar to a burn from fire and the after effects of the sting can be fatal to people who are sensitive. Fire ants are very difficult to erradicate and will take the help of a Licensed Pest Control Professional.

Scorpions-Scorpions are found widely throughout deserts. Scorpions are known to glow when they are exposed to certain wavelengths of ultraviolet light such as the black light. About 25 species of scorpions are known to have venom capable of killing a human being. All scorpions are capable of penetrating human skin to deliver a sharp, unpleasant sting.

Ticks-Ticks are ectoparasites which means they live by feeding on the blood of birds, mammals, and sometimes amphibians and reptiles. Ticks can spread a number of diseases including Q Fever, Lyme disease, tocky mountain spotted fever, colorado tick fever, African tick bite fever, tularemia, Crimean Congo herorrhagic fever, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, paralysis, and many other diseases. The adult female tick can reproduce and lay up to 2000 or more eggs. When ticks are seen in the Palm Springs or Surrounding areas seeking help by a licensed pest control professional is critical to control the infestation.  

Sunspider-Also known as the camel spider, solifuges, and wind scorpions. Sunspiders prefer warm habitats, including warm deserts and scrublands in all continents except Australia and Antarctica. Sunspiders feed most on termites, beetles, and other small ground-dwelling insects. Sunspiders have been recorded feeding on snakes, rodents, and small lizards. They do not normally attack humans, but can penetrate human skin, and produce painful bites.

House Cricket- The House Cricket prefers warm weather but can survive year round in the Palm Springs and surrounding cities. They live in and around structures and can quickly turn into an infestation in a short period of time if no treatment is done. The house cricket is the primary source of food for black widows, scorpions, and all other large more dangerous predators in the Palm Springs Area. Controlling these pests are critical to limiting the amount of spiders and scorpions around a structure.

Desert Recluse- The desert recluse is usually misidentified as the brown recluse of the midwestern and southern states. The desert recluse can be found in the Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. When receiving a bite from a Desert recluse lesions of the skin will occur which is caused from the venom of the bite. This occurs through the same mechanism that is responsibe for the effects of a brown recluse bite. The desert recluse is common in the Coachella Valley area and having professional pest control on a regular basis will prevent these pests from entering your home or business.