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        As a business, your reputation is the number one priority that determines your success. A problem with bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, mice, ants, or any other pests will quickly tarnish your reputation. Ruining your business's reputation isn't the only problem that can occur from these pests. These pests can destroy the structure of your business and transmit many different diseases to you, your employees, and your customers!
       Newman Pest Control examines your specific type of business from property management, food service, golf course, healthcare, retail, schools, and more. We then design a unique Pest Management program to effectively treat for all specific pests invading your business. We make sure this pest control approach will comply with all strict commercial regulations.
       Cockroaches are a business's worst nightmare mainly because they are capable in the transmission of Salmonella, Entamoeba, Aspergillus, yellow fever virus and the bacterial agents of pnuemonia, diptheria, anthrax, tetanus, and many other health concerns. Roaches harborage in cracks and crevices away from the human eye. So if you happen to see a cockroach in your business, its only the tip of the iceberg. The German Cockroach species can breed up to 1 million newborns in one year. If roaches are invading your business it's crucial to treat these pests in the early stage of there life cycle to prevent a serious infestation. A Professional Pest Control Service is the only way to completely eliminate German Roaches.

       Newman Pest Control Specializes in Bed Bugs Extermination and is a highly rated Bed Bug Control Company in the Coachella Valley. Bed Bugs are another common pest found in business's. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed only on blood. Bed bugs are mainly active at night, but not exclusively nocturnal and are capable of biting and feeding on their hosts without being noticed. There is a number of health effects that may occur due to bed bug bites, including allergic symptoms, skin rashes, and psychological effects. Bed bugs can live for up to 1 year without feeding. Newman Pest Control Provides Professional Bed Bug Control Services In Palm Springs and Surrounding Cities. We only use the top products on the market to give you the best results as possible!



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