​Bed Bug Services in Palm Springs and all Surrounding Cities

          Bed Bug Control Services in Palm Springs is becoming very common and is spreading throughout the Coachella Valley. Bed bugs are now being found in more homes than ever before. Bed bugs are transport pests which means they are transported into a home, or any structure by bringing them in on your clothing, bags, used beds, used couches, suitcases, shoes, or any other belongings that are brought into a home. Bed bugs don't come in from the outside like ants or spiders or other pests. One of the most common ways Bed Bugs are brought into a home is after staying in a hotel or a vacation rental where bed bugs are present. Once you leave, the bed bugs and egg sacks are brought into your home from your belongings. If bed bugs become present in your property it's critical to treat them Asap to prevent an infestation and prevent spreading them to other homes or other places you go. Once it becomes an infestation inside of a home, anyone entering and leaving the home can pick the bed bugs up and take them home with them.

         When treating bed bugs its critical to use a Licensed professional that is highly experienced in all aspects of the treatment. Most calls I get from customers, the customer has already bought several different types of pesticides on their own to treat the bed bugs, and in most cases these pesticides only make the bed bugs spread to different rooms and other areas of the home. Also treating the bed bugs on your own is a waste of your money because bed bugs are very difficult to control and can't be controlled without professional pesticides that only a licensed company can purchase in the state of California. The products we use to treat bed bugs are the strongest pesticides on the market. Most pesticides aren't strong enough to completely get rid of bed bugs. 

         Our Service for bed bugs are very Effective and also competitive in price and we only use the best products on the market which gives you the best service possible. We will give you a preparation sheet that explains exactly what needs to be done before we start the bed bug service to make sure we give you the best service possible. Feel free to us a call for a free estimate and I will work with you personally to make sure we get your bed bugs under control!